A supporter will be refereed to as a ‘donator’ within this document.

A donation to the server is purely voluntary. The player making a donation is not entitled to any form of benefits, special treatment, or the like from "RUSTEU.COM" Staff at the time a donation is received and going forward. While a donating player is not entitled to receive any type of benefits by donating to the server, "RUSTEU.COM" offers supporter rewards purely as a thank-you to those who contribute. The donation will also go towards the running and maintenance cost of the server and all services managed by the "RUSTEU.COM" Team.

☆Donating to "RUSTEU.COM" does not make you above the server rules. If you break the rules of "RUSTEU.COM" at any point, we will not hesitate in removing you from the server without refund. In addition to this, rewards can be revoked or changed at any time and at the discretion of "RUSTEU.COM" Owners.

 Should you have any questions pertaining to this, please contact us via in-game /Message, or contact us at: RustSmiley@outlook.com.

 By donating to "RUSTEU.COM" you are consenting the collection of your email, IP address and Steam ID. This information is used so we can accurately give donators their rewards after their payment. It is also collected by EU for security and fraud prevention purposes.